Have you ever ...

... considered exploring collaboration with India, without knowing how to take the first step? Do you see significant possibilities there, but find it hard to decide where to begin? Do you think cultural differences are fascinating but also difficult to deal with? Then the India Platform can help you.


Upcoming Ventures Visits

We can give you access to our network and experience in India, in order to explore this enormous country in a very focused way. We are also building a framework to allow you to establish better ties with Indian partners. To do these things, a series of Ventures Visits is planned for European researchers and entrepreneurs:

# Engineering (22-29/8/15)
# Liveable Cities & Waste and Manure Management (22-29/11/15)
# School Education (Spring 2016)



# VV Engineering (22-29 August)

# VV Liveable Cities & Waste Management (22-29 November)


# Info Evening VV (May 2015)

# VV Health Care (Dec. 2014)

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